Friday, October 8, 2010

Advice for today

When a curious three year old is finally tall enough to push buttons on the blender, it's unwise to plug in the appliance before putting on the lid.

Bleh, while making a protein shake for Mike, I did just that and Fall3 did just what you'd expect and now I have milk and chocolate protein gunk everywhere. I immediately pushed Fall3 out of the shower of milk and turned off the blender. Fall3 immediately dropped to his knees and pretended to be a dog. It seems to be his go-to solution. How mad could anyone get at a cute puppy?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Only a Small Fire...

It was only a small oven fire but it produced a hell of a lot of smoke. Back up to Sunday morning and homemade caramel rolls which dripped butter and sugar onto a drip pan. A drip pan which should have been removed before it CAUGHT FIRE. I'm not one to have an immaculate oven. There's always some piece of shredded cheese or pizza crust which produces a little smoke or funky smell. The difference between "a little smoke/funky smell" and "billows of smoke/acrid smell" must lie in the height of the flames because on Sunday evening my oven had billows of smoke, acrid smell and HUGE flames originating from that drip full of caramelly goodness.

The four seasons played in the basement as I waited for the flames to extinguish themselves and opened windows and doors. As the smoke smell permeated the house, the boys came upstairs thinking it was time for dinner. That's embarrassing. I don't usually serve charred food yet they smell burning and think it's time to eat.

Upon seeing all the smoke, Spring8, with all his subtlety, shouted, "Smoke! Lots of smoke...we need to crawl!!" Little brothers do as they're told and soon I have three boys crawling through the house...not attempting to leave, just crawling. Fall3 has no idea what's going on so he's crawling behind the other two pretending to be a dog. Next time he sees smoke, he just might start barking.

Summer11 runs though the house dramatically coughing ("because of all the smoke!") while complaining about being cold ("because the windows and doors are open!").

Fortunately, (unfortunately, if you're a potato lover), the worst damage was a ruined cookie sheet and ruined fries. Summer11 insisted that surely the smiley face fries were still fine to eat. I gave him one, he almost gagged, spit it out and went back to his dramatic coughing.

So much for a simple Sunday night dinner.