Thursday, August 27, 2009

With a Banjo on his Knee

Today Winter3 ran up to me begging for a banjo. Mmhmm, a banjo. As in "Mommy, I neeeeeeeeed a banjo." I confirmed, "A banjo?" He confirmed, "Yes! A banjo!" My first thought was that there's too much noise and activity surrounding me daily and the last thing I needed was to introduce more musical instruments into the house. {Summer10 will be learning the recorder at school this year, heaven help me.}

My second thought was "Wait a minute! Since when does anyone ask for a banjo in a desperate, pleading way?"

So I asked the million dollar question, "Winter3 why do you neeeeeed a banjo." He replied, "For my knee. I hurt mahself." I went off to fetch the bandaids and life made sense again. I told him, "Poor guy, you need a bandaid for your knee." He said, "Yes, a bandaid" like I was the one with problems.

Not five minutes later, he proudly showed me his knee and exclaimed, "I have a banjo on my knee!"

I might as well agree.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keep on Rollin'

If there's anything I've learned from being the mom of a herd of kids, it's how to roll with the punches of every day life. There are days, like today, when I say to myself, "Seriously? Really? Can anything else happen?" I really can't complain because I think my life is golden but sometimes I can only laugh at my life.

Today started out with me hosting playgroup. I decided that the group would meet at a church in our town that has a great indoor play area. Easy enough. All I had to do was meet the other kids and moms with some snack mix, drinks and paper towels. Being an indoor play area it tends to be rather loud. Please note...when three of your children are yelling at you that "Fall23months is climbing the wall" (oddly enough, this didn't concern me) they're actually saying "Fall23months is coloring the wall." OMGOMGOMG, my toddler has colored on two walls of a lovely, free church playarea. Could it have been yellow crayon? No! Brown! Trying to look calm, I found hand sanitizer in the kitchen area and thought maybe, maybe if the world is truly good, this will work. Hand sanitizer, together with paper towels and a hell of alot of elbow grease removed the crayon. The wall looks a little lighter in color but shhhh, that can be our secret.

I felt like MomGyver and was feeling pretty sassy about my quick thinking and that's when the world decided to play some jokes on me.

Let it be known...
  • That clunky sound in the washer is a rather large Matchbox airplane.
  • That clunky sound in the garbage disposal is a peach pit (Note to my children...I love that you love fruit. I love that you remember to put your plate in the sink but peach pits go in the trash can!)
  • A toddler who spills a container of snack mix and gets a broom has good intentions. He will realize it's too hard and simply sit in the middle of the mess to snack on it.
  • Going out for ice cream before haircuts will only give the cut hair something to stick to. On arms, on faces, on necks.
  • The kids haircut place will not be running on time the day before school starts.
  • Sitting in the hallway, chatting with a friend on the phone and watching two little boys play in the tub will make your toddler poop in the tub. And pick it up because it's just that cool.

And most importantly...

  • Finding a bottle of red wine in the pantry makes a mom ready to face the next day.