Thursday, August 27, 2009

With a Banjo on his Knee

Today Winter3 ran up to me begging for a banjo. Mmhmm, a banjo. As in "Mommy, I neeeeeeeeed a banjo." I confirmed, "A banjo?" He confirmed, "Yes! A banjo!" My first thought was that there's too much noise and activity surrounding me daily and the last thing I needed was to introduce more musical instruments into the house. {Summer10 will be learning the recorder at school this year, heaven help me.}

My second thought was "Wait a minute! Since when does anyone ask for a banjo in a desperate, pleading way?"

So I asked the million dollar question, "Winter3 why do you neeeeeed a banjo." He replied, "For my knee. I hurt mahself." I went off to fetch the bandaids and life made sense again. I told him, "Poor guy, you need a bandaid for your knee." He said, "Yes, a bandaid" like I was the one with problems.

Not five minutes later, he proudly showed me his knee and exclaimed, "I have a banjo on my knee!"

I might as well agree.


  1. Hi Steph - I love your blog and the stories about your boys -- this is too funny, the words they 'hear' (makes you wonder where he heard that oldie but goodie!)
    When Audrey was born, Ellie insisted that the babies name was Laundry!

  2. What about "Oh, Susannah, oh don't you cry for me. Cause I'm going to Louisiana with a banjo on my knee!"


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