Sunday, August 16, 2009

Update on potty training

Winter3 is becoming a pro at using the potty. A few times, he's even run to the bathroom, used the potty and then washed his hands...all by himself. He's sporting his new "fancy underwear" and everything. Yes, I'm knocking on wood as I write this.

I owe all my success to poop presents. Poop in the potty and you too can choose a fantabulous prize out of the mysterious poop prize bag.

Some of this fancy underwear is designed for the cute butt factor and not for the child as it has pictures only on the back and not the front. Last week, Winter3 looked like a dog chasing his tail while trying to see a cartoon picture on his bottom. He's still in the habit of carrying his (clean!) underwear around like a trophy but I'm hoping he'll get over that before the start of preschool.

To sum it all up, Winter3 told Spring7, "I was so proud of me!!" Nothing like giving yourself a big pat on the back!

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