Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An October Plague

It's only mid-October and already so much illness has been ricocheting from one kid to the next at the big boys school. Everything from colds, to strep throat, to stomach bugs, to the dreaded H1N1. So far, five of the six of us have had a nasty virus in the past week with only Fall2 being left out. We'll see how long that lasts! As of this moment, only Summer10 is sick.

All of this nasty germiness has taught me some things which may or may not be true.

1. Having tickets to a major sporting event will actually cause your children to become ill. Case #1, Cleveland Indians tickets clearly caused Fall2 to develop croup in June. Case #2, OSU Buckeye tickets clearly caused Winter3 to introduce this virus to our family this weekend.

2. A child who leaves his room and comes to the top of the stairs to tell his parents that he's not feeling well will throw up before he gets a chance to say anything. The chunky splashing sound will communicate far more than words.

3. The most active child will bounce back the most quickly. This is why Winter3 was sick only overnight and then better. He was able to run circles around the rest of us who were attempting to move from the couch.

4. Damp spots on the carpet, although cleaned and deodorized, are still gross. No matter how many times you try to remember the pattern of leaping that will safely get you down the hall, it is a guarantee that you will land in at least one spot. Ewwww.

5. A toddler who never got sick will think his brothers are staying home to play with him. He will bop their nearly lifeless bodies with toys because surely they're not sleeping but rather playing hide and seek.

6. Finally, this one I know is a fact...neighbors who offer help make everyone feel much better!

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