Sunday, November 8, 2009

Revenge is Best Served Cold

Spring7 and Winter3 love each other. They play together, wrestling and laughing. Spring7 talks about his little brothers all the time. They can also make each other crazy. Unfortunately, they've reached an age when bopping each other and then running away is a favorite thing. Spring7 hit Winter3 and when he got in trouble this was his defense, "But Mooommm, he hit me! I was just following the golden rule, 'Treat others as they treat you.'" That led to another conversation, of course, about the REAL golden rule.

This morning, I found Spring7's checklist for today.

"Play wif Dad and frisbee
Punch Winter3
Hug Mom
Play wif Fall2"

The punching isn't acceptable but I love that he has it on the checklist in between playing and hugging.

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