Thursday, December 31, 2009

Little Drummer Boy

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So much for dreaming of sugar plums. Winter3 dreams of drums. You might remember when Winter3 played the shovel and pail in the middle of the night. ( His love of drumming on everything has not waned since then. I've actually said the following to him:

"Winter3, please stop drumming on the oranges."
"Winter3, please stop drumming on the apples."
"Winter3, please don't drum on ANY fruit."
"Winter3, please don't drum on your baby brother."

He and Mike sometimes get together for jam sessions...Mike on the cheapie electronic drums and Winter3 on the cheapie keyboard. While Daddy loses himself in the drumming, Winter3 really gets into the beat. He'll stop playing the keyboard, pump a little fist in the air, give a "woo!" and then continue on.

He sets up "drums" for himself consisting of cups and an old dvd as a cymbal. Unfortunately, my spatula handles usually disappear from the kitchen and become drumsticks.

It was no surprise when Winter3 put "a big drum set like Anthony Wiggle's" at the top of his Christmas list. Santa, to his credit, said something like "hell no" to that request. Maybe when he's bigger. We convinced Winter3 that "a big drum set like Anthony Wiggle's" would never fit in the sleigh. Perhaps a 3 year old boy sized drum would be a better idea. And so a music set fit for a three year old boy appeared under the tree Christmas morning, complete with drum, drumsticks, maracas, castanets and to almost everyone's dismay, a horn. But that's another blog entry to be entitled, "toys that disappear in the dead of night."

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  1. Wow, you are so brave to get hIm a drum set! I bet he is absolutely loving it, though!


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