Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anybody See My Popsicle?

Winter4 and Fall2 love popsicles. Really, who doesn't? This evening after dinner, Winter4 asked me, "Mommy, pweese can I have a popsicle for Fall2?" (He thinks I'm more likely to give in to him if it's for his brother.) I told him they could each have one. Everyone celebrates! I got the little guys set up at the table with their treats and left the room for 15 seconds. I returned to find Winter4 doing a dance in the family room.

Me: "Winter4, where is your popsicle?"
Winter4: "My popsicle?"
Me: "Yes, the red popsicle you were just eating."
Winter4: "Hmmmmm..."

At this point, Winter4 puts on a very serious face, furrowed brow and all, as if his popsicle vanished into thin air and he can't imagine what could have happened. He pats his head with his finger and says, "I finking...I fink it's behind the TV!" He runs and looks. He finds a Christmas ornament and a toy. Then he looks at me and exclaims, "I don't what happened!"

Winter4 has a reputation for running off with things and throwing them behind furniture. Today I found a friend's baby rattle behind the entertainment center. Earlier, I found FOUR doorknob covers behind a cabinet (you know the kind that are meant to keep kids OUT of rooms?)

Misplacing a treat?! How DOES that happen? I'll let you know if it shows up...

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