Friday, January 29, 2010

Words I Don't Want to Hear

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about things I've learned that I wish I didn't know. It made me think about all the things the boys say to me that inspire dread. Tuesday morning gave me the perfect example. I ran upstairs to dry my hair, leaving two little boys happily watching TV. Mere minutes later I ran back downstairs and before my feet hit the bottom step, Winter4 yelled from the kitchen, "Mama, I makin' choc-uh-lit milk for Fall2." Ugh, dread. I rounded the corner into the kitchen to find a mess, though it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. Winter4 thinks that if he does something with Fall2 in mind that he won't get in trouble. While he claimed to be making chocolate milk for his little brother, the huge ring of "choc-uh-lit" around his mouth clearly showed that he had sampled the fruits of his labor. Winter4 had found a packet of hot chocolate mix, put it in a cup, added a little milk (didn't spill a drop), ate a bunch of it with a spoon and gave the rest to his brother. Fall2 was sitting nicely at the table covered in hot chocolate powder, eating the powder out of the cup with his hands, happy as could be. The mess was contained to the kitchen table but required a complete wardrobe change for both boys. As I was cleaning up the table and chairs, Winter4 yelled, "Mommy, choc-uh-lit milk is GOOD." Yes it is. And frankly, there are worse things than spending the day with a toddler and preschooler who smell faintly of chocolate.

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