Sunday, August 22, 2010

Watch Your Toes!

Apparently, I seem like the kind of mom who will suck you up with a vacuum cleaner, either on purpose (followed by a maniacal laugh) or because I'm just cluelessly going about my day. Winter4 isn't afraid of the vacuum but he is concerned that he might become a victim of it.

I happened to vacuum near his "snuggly blanket" one day and he approached me. I say approached because he didn't come too close. He stood about three feet away and yelled, "WATCH OUT FOR MY SNUGGLY BLANKET!! DON'T SUCK IT UP!" Keep in mind that this is a rather large blanket, far larger than the vacuum bag, and it would kill my vacuum. Also, admittedly I have sucked up some small items and not felt too bad about it, but I would never, ever, ever destroy one of his MVP's (most valuable possessions).

While vacuuming in the family room, Winter4 again approached me. "I'M RIGHT HERE! DON'T VACUUM ME UP!" Obviously, I didn't seem worried enough (clueless) or I look like I have evil intent (maniacal laugh) because he again approached me, carefully, getting a bit closer this time. "DON'T SUCK ME UP! I'M YOUR BOY! IF YOU SUCK ME UP YOU WON'T HAVE A BOY!"

What doesn't occur to him is that if he left me alone or cleaned up his things he wouldn't have to worry. He also doesn't seem to realize that I'll still have three boys which on some days is plenty enough. Maybe he should watch his back!

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