Thursday, October 21, 2010

2nd grade

I spent part of this afternoon sorting through Spring8's papers and such from last school year. It's a lot of work but fun to see how far he's progressed in school. I have to do this when he's out of the house or he insists that we save every scrap of paper. I always end up throwing away a garbage bag full of spelling and math tests. (Unfortunately, recycling isn't an option as it's highly likely I'll get caught disposing of these important papers.) I love to keep the silly doodles, drawings and writing folders. Writing journals are comedy gold and for his 2nd grade teacher a look into our family. (Always be nice to your child's teacher. They know all your secrets.)

Here's an excerpt from one writing journal. The topic being "two things you would never see your mom or dad do."
I would never see my mom clime up the roof because she is scared of hightes. [not scared of "hightes" but nevertheless uninterested in climbing a roof] I would never see my mom go to woeark because she has to wach the babys. [er, well, sort of true, sort of not true] I would never see my dad wawck on a hiwyer because he is scared of hightes. [this is true, for sure] I would never see my dad wash the dishes because he is bad at it. [WHAT?! Not sure what kind of education is going on when I'm not around.]

Oh, and the above picture...he made it for a school art fundraiser. I love it so much I had it put on a mug. When I first saw it, I thought, "It's an elephant pooping from it's nose!" I was wrong because clearly it's a mother elephant teaching her baby elephant to carry and then drop logs with their trunks. When I picked up items we purchased, I mentioned to the mom in charge what I thought. She looked at me seriously for a second (great, did I piss off a PTA mom, but no) and then burst out laughing. She said, "I'm so glad you said that because half of the 2nd grade made the same drawing and they all look like pooping elephants!" Of course, big brother Summer11 had to open his big yap and tell Spring8 what I thought. Spring8 was understandably offended and I think he's still mad at me.

Not too offended because he wrote the following "mother acrostic." [pretty sure we didn't learn words like that in 2nd grade]
My Mom makes me happy.
Openes my haret.
Tuces me in at night.
Hugs me befor I go out to the bus.
Everyday she makes me brefiss.
Reades me a book.

Even with all the times I'm in trouble with Spring8, he'll probably be my last son to move out!

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