Monday, June 29, 2009

Mischief is My Business and Business is Good

All four of my boys are active and curious boys but Winter3 is in a class by himself. Three year old boys are some of the wildest creatures in the world. Winter3 runs everywhere and I should be skinny since I'm usually running after him (I'm not, but that's another story). He explores every part of his surroundings from the big to the small details. He'll open/close any door or drawer. Poke, push or pull any button or lever. Peek behind and under, jump on and run around any obstacle. Then he'll stop and do a little dance for you. Winter3 is just a fun-loving little guy.

This afternoon, the boys and I brought Spring7 to meet his tutor at the library. Another mom was setting up future appointments with Mr. M. so the boys and I sat down to wait. All of us except Winter3 of course who happened to be telling everyone in a very loud whisper that they had to whisper. He then decided to look for books and was annoyed that he couldn't find any Max and Ruby books in the nonfiction section. After doing a little dance routine, he pulled a book off the shelf, gave it to me and said he wanted to check it out. What was this fascinating book? A teacher's resource for working with ADHD children, of course.


  1. HA! That's classic!

    Great blog! Welcome to the blogosphere!

    If you want any help making over your blog (header, etc.) let me know. It's a hobby of mine.

    Beth from January '06 BBC :)

  2. Thanks Beth! I might just hit you up for some ideas! I decided last week that I couldn't wait for my layout to be "perfect" before starting it or else I'd never get going. I figure I'll just tweak it here and there as I have time.


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