Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boy 1, new car smell 0

We bought a new minivan last week. It's just way too nice but it makes driving kids from point A to point B so much more fun. Our other van was 9 years old and had almost 125,000 miles on it, plus various dents, scratches, a nonworking radio and a wonky door.

One of the very best things about my new car is the smell. My old car had its own smell. Husband said that it was stinky but really it just smelled like a car that transports four kids. You know, french fries and stinky feet. My new car smells like heaven. New car smell has to be one of the best scents ever and it never lasts as long as you'd like it to. Before you know it, the french fry and stinky feet smell is bound to creep in. Last night, husband and I got gyros for dinner. I was tempted to hold the bag out of the sunroof on the drive home. {Yes, I realize it's hilarious that a minivan has a sunroof. Imagine me hanging out of it. Moms gone wild.}

Unfortunately, Greek food was the least my poor car would face this weekend. I know many of you are going to see this coming. Husband was bringing Spring7 home from a birthday party when Spring7 started "not feeling so good." Five feet from our driveway (you know what's coming now, don't you?), Spring7 pukes everywhere. Summer10 comes in the house gagging, "Something really bad just happened". Sigh.

So much for new car smell. After an hour cleaning it, I think french fries and stinky feet would suit me just fine.

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  1. That's hilarious - we had the same thing happen with our new minivan, but it was dog puke, not kiddie... I think it was, oh, 7 days after we had it. So sad....
    Love the blog!
    Stacey Schiff Napier


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