Friday, June 26, 2009

Starting Out

I've been rolling around the idea of writing a blog for some time now. I have so many conversations in my head all day long (well that makes me sound insane) and those thoughts need a place to go. Too many things happen in my world daily, weekly, whatever and I don't want to forget all the wackiness that is my life. I try to keep a positive view of the world around me and see it all with a sense of humor. Try. Besides, my house is so loud and crazy at dinner time that I'm pretty sure my husband doesn't hear much of what I say about my day. Now he can read it, right honey?

You may say to yourself, "surely that didn't happen" or "seriously?" but I swear that I couldn't make this stuff up. If I could, I'd be writing a novel, not a blog.

One problem I had to solve before joining the blogosphere was what to do about my kids' names. Husband preferred I not use their real names. Fine, but what to call them? Some people come up with great descriptive names for their kids. Good for them but I couldn't come up with anything that didn't sound forced or just plain goofy. Do I call them by their order in the family? So should I call my second born #2? No again. The 9 year old boy lurking deep in me thinks it would be SO funny to name a brother after poop but I'm not going there. I also thought about naming them after the month in which they wre born. Do I want a son named April? Now, I'm all about not pushing gender roles on kids but that's going too far. I tried the route of using their godfathers' names but couldn't get past the fact that Carlos just doesn't flow with John, Jim and Tony.

Husband (who gets credit for naming my blog too) suggested naming each boy by their season and age. So here we go, A Boy for All Seasons starring Summer10, Spring7, Winter3 and Fall21months.


  1. Brilliant! Needless to say, I thoroughly look forward to your writings, experiences and wit! Plus, you've already provided quite a few laughs with the above!

  2. I'm super excited you finally got this going. I'm your number one fan. Like I told you before, your messages on FB always make my day. You are indeed a witty, talented lady. Your boys will one day thoroughly enjoy reading this blog,


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