Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Prince of the Playground

When a three year old makes up his mind to wear a hat, there's no dissuading him. Last night, with one on a scooter, one on a bike and two in a stroller, all four boys and I headed to our neighborhood park. Winter3 decided that the beautiful summer evening called for a hat. You'd think he might get a little warm but he didn't seem to notice. Winter3 isn't a kid who does a few monkey bars and then swings either. He runs, jumps, climbs, leaps, crawls and scurries from one place to the next. I will admit that the hat made him much easier to find on the playground!

Usually, I make Winter3 stick with me and Fall21months but last night I let him run ahead to catch up to his brothers. While I pushed the stroller on the walking path, he ran across the field to the playground as fast as his little legs would go. Like a dog who is off a leash, he kept looking back at me as if he couldn't quite believe that I was letting him free.

With hat still on, he walked almost the entire way home. Make that ran. Only once we got home and sat down with a snack did he reveal the sweaty head that was under the hat. In true three year old fashion, I'm willing to bet you that once winter comes, he'll want nothing to do with a head covering of any kind!

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