Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quotable Quotes

Things moms may or may not want to hear...

1. "I really have to pee but Summer10's in there so I'll just go outside" says Spring7. Um, no, we have THREE other bathrooms in our house.

2. "My mom is such a good cook that she forgets she's a good cook until she eats someone else's food" says Summer10 to a group of adult friends as we're serving ourselves at a potluck picnic.

3. "It will be fine. Each part is strong enough to hold an angry mob of ants" says Spring7 to me trying to prove that the sled he's building for Fall21months is strong enough. What's one toddler compared to an angry mob of ants? Apparently, there's no comparison because the sled fell apart. To Spring7's credit, he planned to pull Fall21months not the other way around.

4. "Have you heard the story about the five boys and one lonely girl?" asked Spring7 as a way of introducing himself to a neighbor. Neighbor thought he was about to hear a fable but Spring7 told him that was our family. Seriously, if there's one thing I'm not, it's lonely!

5. "Just wait a minute. I'll get a broom" says Winter3 to his baby brother. The two of them had been helping themselves to a snack and obviously made a mess. I guess the three year old wildman deserves some credit for intending to and knowing how to clean it up.

6. "Hey Steph, you have a big blob of mustard on your shirt" says the husband upon coming home at 6:30. Mustard had been there since lunch and I never noticed.

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