Friday, September 4, 2009

Five More Minutes?

I'm not a morning person. The older I get the more I realize this is just part of who I am. I love the morning but hate getting up to see it. Why can't dawn come at 10 am? Unfortunately, the rest of the world isn't on my schedule and I can't hit snooze on the school bus. I'm happy to get up and get my big boys off to school in the morning but they're usually up and dressed before I am.

Yesterday, Summer10 asked for a bowl of cereal with milk for breakfast. While he put on his shoes I got his cereal ready. He walked into the kitchen and said, "Wow, that was fast." I told him, "Yep, your mom works pretty quickly." Here's the number one sign your child knows that you aren't a morning person. Summer10 replied, "You're really fast, once you get started."

Maybe I should teach him how to make my coffee?

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