Friday, September 11, 2009

The Fourth R is Recess

For years and years people have joked that a little boy's favorite part of the school day is recess. This is certainly true for Spring7. By the time lunch is over and it's time for recess, Spring7 is like a puppy who needs to be let off a leash. If I ask him about his school day, I get answers like "reading" and "stuff" and "I hate writing". If I ask about recess, I get a minute by minute detailed list of who he played with and what exactly they did.

This morning, he got dressed and with an irritated voice told me he had a problem. His major crisis: shorts with no pockets. How is he supposed to bring his Matchbox airplanes to recess without pockets? I dug out a pair of pocketed shorts and saved the day. Yes, he'd rather sit at school with airplane wings poking him in the thigh for several hours than be without.

I'll never complain about problems so easily solved!

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