Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm Baaaa-aaack

Okay, so no one ever told me that writing is like exercising. All is fine and dandy when you're in the routine but if you take a couple weeks off, say to get everyone back into school schedules, BAM all of the sudden it's more than two weeks and hard to get back into it.

I have missed writing. I've received so many compliments about my blog...many from people who are not related to me. Amazing! I kid but truly appreciate all the nice things people have to say.

So what's happened over the last few weeks? For one, my Fall baby is no longer "Fallwhatevermonths," he's an official Fall2. How much easier is that to write and read?! Spring7 and Summer10 are bouncing along with life. Winter3 started preschool two days a week and he hates it less every week. He never really hated school, he just hated me leaving him. On the second day of preschool, he had to bring a family picture to school. He spent the entire four hours wandering around the classroom, sucking his thumb and looking at our picture. How's that for heart wrenching? He does enjoy it now, doesn't mope around the classroom but drop off time is still hard. Leave it to my family to create a scene beyond all scenes. Imagine this...teacher steers Winter3 into class. Winter3 bursts into tears and begins yelling "Mommy! Moooommmmyyyy! I want Moooommmmyyy!" This hysteria causes Fall2 to burst into tears because a.)he doesn't like it when his brother is sad and b.) he doesn't like to leave his brother any more than his brother likes to be left. Good times. We're definitely not people who can come and go unnoticed.

Winter3 talks about his friends and teachers. He sings me songs from music class. Tells me what he did in gym class. Laughs about the book "Mrs. Sporkey" read (not quite close to her name but it works for him). I know he's happy and loved at school. I know the transitions will get easier because I went through the same thing with his big brothers. I just hope he finds a good balance...I don't want it to be too easy for him to leave me at any age!

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